marcos & juli::: maternity


in retrospect, maybe we should have brought a map. marcos, his wife juli and i had arranged to meet up and do a fun maternity photo shoot in a specific side of the beach in sopelana. as we got in the car and started heading that way we realised… we weren’t sure which way to go. somewhere in the excitement of planning this day we had all lost track of where we were going. literally. we knew exactly where we were going but no idea how to get there. after an emergency call to my friend “who knows every beach” and many wrong turns, we decided to give up and walk around the surrounding woods, hoping to at least be able to get a few good shots in before the sun went down. oh, and the sun. the sun was sitting perfectly in between the trees, it was definitely shining down on us. it is worth mentioning that as i laid down my backpack and jacket against a tree while i took photos of these two, a nearby dog decided to mark it’s territory… on my stuff. so that was fun! haha. after a while venturing in the woods (big points to juli for venturing while 8 months pregnant!) we were eventually able to find the spot we’d been looking for. the sunset was there to welcome us and we were happy to take advantage of it and take it from there. all in all, the photos turned out great and i think that it was well worth getting lost and having to toss my jacket in the laundry! 😉

congratulations marcos and juli, i can’t wait to meet him! 🙂