travel::: berlin!! day 2, reichstag visit & the fernsehturm.





Day 2 in Berlin started out with a clear plan. We were going to catch a tourist bus and get the general layout of the city. We would also visit the Reichstag building, walk around the Tiergarten park, and end the day by viewing the city lights while having dinner at the 368m high and rotating restaurant atop the Fernsehtum TV tower. As fate would have it, we didn’t exactly set off to an early start to the day. To make matters worse, one little photographer simply had to stop by Starbucks… and I failed to figure out exactly where the bus stops were. Picture us in downtown Berlin constantly seeing buses go by and having to idea where they are even coming from. So we skipped on the bus ride and stood in line to get tickets to visit the Reichstag. And we stood. And we stood. And then there was some more standing. When we were finally next in line Charlie asked me to take out my photo ID, and wouldn’t you know it? I left it all at the hotel! But after a quick talk with the helpful clerk we were actually able to go pick it up at the hotel and visit later on in the day.

The architecture at the Reichstag totally blew me away. We visited during sunset and it was an amazing time to capture all the light and shadows highlighting of the glass dome and the city views. If you visit it, and I think you should, I highly recommend visiting it at this time. 



   Berlin Bucket List #7 Reichstag
























  Berlin Bucket List #8: Tiergarten Park.IMG_0155




I kept hearing that the park is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Berlin. The perfect place to add a small hiatus or break to your day. Not actually when we were there… apparently it was during a weekend-long music festival. But it made people watching and the walk in general all the more interesting.



                                                 Berlin Bucket List #9: Dinner at the Fernsehturm




After a walk around the city we found our way to the TV tower. I remember laughing when the elevator lady proudly told us that it was the fastest elevator in europe. It just seems like such a german thing to boast about. Apparently it travels 204 meters in just 45 seconds. In Spain I regularly ride on an elevator that takes about 35 seconds just to take me to the 7th floor. No biggie.

The view was amazing though. You can see all the city lights, and while you have dinner at the restaurant you are slowly moving 360º. They even have markers on the glass walls to show you what lies below. The food was amazing too, and all-in-all I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Berlin.








After a delicious dinner and a great day walking around we slowly went back to the hotel for some much-needed rest before heading out the next day for our last day of exploring!