lola & ramón::: wedding!!! (valencia, spain)



some time ago they visited a venue in valencia. they looked around and noticed that all the other couples planning their wedding there were much younger than them. she looked at him and said “are we too old to be doing this?” he smiled and said “no. but we’re the only ones who know what they’re actually getting into.”

this simple conversation transmits so much about who lola and ramón are as a couple. they have been in this game before. both divorcés who have suffered through the ups and downs of a previous marriage. and yet both so passionately in love with and committed to each other that they seem to walk into this new commitment as if it were the first. their hearts full. their eyes fearless. i couldn’t help but notice how everyone around them keeps smiling whenever they are around. everybody is so happy to see them so happy. this was definitely one of the most beautiful weddings that i have ever been to. i even choked up a little. of course, it could be because i have been around them quite a lot prior to this day. in fact, i have known lola all my life. she is my aunt. so this wedding definitely had a special place in my heart, even before it started.  i remember back when i got a call from her last june telling me she was (finally) engaged. forget about the photos, i was just excited that they were finally getting married. and some months later came the day when they said i do. i think that as they exchanged their vows everyone witnessing this beautiful ceremony grew a little more respectful and hopeful for love, life, and second chances.

i know as i look through these images i am inspired and in awe. it’s never too late. don’t give up. they didn’t.




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