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What a character. I remember the day I met John Bolduan last summer. I was visiting a friend of mine at a local doughnut shop, and there he was, sitting on a chair with a banjo in tow. What a way for two americans in a foreign land to meet. Eating doughnuts. To make matters worse, we have since been known for meeting up to grab a burger. The shame.

And through meeting here and there and having long talks about music and even throwing a couple jam and recording sessions together, we finally decided it was time to get John in front of the camera for some updated photos. So this is just two beef-filled creative americans strolling around Spain with nothing but an oversized camera and a one heck of a soundtrack!














PS: Please don’t hesitate to check out John’s album here, and follow him on facebook to see where he’ll be playing next. He is one amazing musician!