hello hodei!!



i have to say… there is something truly inspiring about watching brand new parents. their smiles are full of joy, even if they haven’t slept in days or weeks, they seem nervous and yet completely relaxed at the same time. i am having a hard time describing it, which is why i am glad i have a camera to do the talking for me. iratxe and hector were happy to welcome me into their home and introduce me to baby hodei. oh my goodness! he was so curious about the camera and kept looking at me. he stayed pretty calm throughout the photo shoot, even as we kept repositioning him and changing props. it was so great to be able to take his very first portraits and i hope i can keep taking them for years to come. congratulations!










personal::: lab coats, scary days, and katy perry.


For those who don’t know yet, the past month hasn’t been the most normal for my family. First I had to make several hospital visits in order to be properly diagnosed with bronchitis. By that time it was starting to turn into pneumonia, so that had me down and on a truckload of meds for a while. At about the same time, my sister Amber was hospitalized, even spent a couple days in the ICU. For obvious privacy reasons I won’t go into details of her illness, but let’s just say that it was sudden, it was scary, and it wasn’t good. To make matters worse, because of my bronchitis I wasn’t allowed to visit her. So while she fought for her life I fought to get healthy enough to be allowed into the ICU. When I was finally doing much better I  was told I had to wear a surgical mask. For an hour I heard all the jokes, Michael Jackson references, how I should have gone to med school, or attended a masquerade ball. It didn’t really matter much because they made Amber laugh and I got to be there to see it. After 2 weeks hospitalized, Amber has now been sent home, and though she will be making a slow recovery, at least she will be back to 100% in due time. So in between all the lab coats, eating out of vending machines, and sleeping on uncomfortable hospital chairs, scheduling photo shoots or blogging has been far from my mind. I am now slowly transitioning into a normal routine, so you can expect to see some new photos soon!


Speaking of photos, I ran into this interesting set. The oh-so-amazing Annie Leibovitz worked her magic for Katy Perry and Vogue’s July issue. I personally love the lack of candy props and that, for a change, her choice of clothing leaves a little bit of work for the imagination. I think she is stunning and should stick to this style! What do you think?