alameth + fran::: love (madrid, spain)


i love her to pieces. she is smart, funny, and as you can probably tell from the family resemblance… quite attractive! 😉 yes, this is my little sister alameth, only that she is not so little anymore. in fact, she’s all grown up and a few weeks ago decided to move to madrid in order to accept a job offer as well as to be closer to her leading man, fran. coincidentally i had to travel to madrid on the very same weekend for a long-overdue songwriting weekend for my musical project “birds and cables”. as fate would have it, we stumbled upon a perfect saturday afternoon and were inspired to take to the dirt roads and untamed wildflowers and commemorate this exciting new season in their life. all that’s left for me to do is to tip my hat and wish them an adventurous spirit, days full of laughter, and the very best of luck!