victoria + nacho


before summer was over, before the back-to-school race began, and before the hard reality of long days at the office made its ugly comeback. before all of that craziness, there was this crazy, my favourite kind of crazy: crazy love.

i met nacho and victoria a few years back and we immediately hit it off. i even remember going to a funny zumba-like class at the gym with them on the very early days of our friendship, and finding out right after busting all of those uncoordinated moves that victoria is actually a ballerina!

ever since then i have seen these two lovebirds fight to make a long distance relationship work. it honestly makes my heart melt to see how head-over-heels they are about each other to this day, despite the 800 kilometres between them. even now, thinking about it, i can’t help but smile. young, fun, and beautiful, what’s not to love?

fast forward to this summer, and our past attempts to book a photo shoot finally bore fruit. gone were the days of the infamous schedule wars, somehow we had managed to make one date stick. i’m not gonna lie, it was a bit surprising as well as a bit nerve-wrecking . we met up downtown and filled the time between locations talking about work, love, and the things that make our hearts smile. nacho was even such a good sport that he faced his fear of heights for a photo or two. the setting was magical as we walked by the river, the guggenheim, and were covered by a gorgeous sunset that came much sooner than we were ready to say goodbye. i get a bit nostalgic thinking about it, but i simply can’t deny that when i look back on this beautiful summer photo shoot now, all i can do is smile and think to myself that much like true love, this too was worth the wait! 😉

















yaneth & miguel::: family


their love crossed the ocean. their love beat the odds. i grew up with many babysitters, people who came and went in my life as my parents, anglican missionaries in spain, helped all kinds of different people get their lives together. people came and went, but only a few stayed. one of the few was this man, miguel. he has always been a part of my family, he’s my honorary uncle. he taught me latin and roman history when i was just a homeschooled kid. he took me to the emergency room when i was little, be it when i cracked my head open against a nightstand or when my lips turned blue from my asthma kicking in. then i became a teenager, and whatever i was going through he was still around to give a word of advice or encourage me. i remember once noticing that even though he was always hanging around with my family, he didn’t have a family of his own. i didn’t quite understand. how could such a stand-up man go unnoticed? life got busy, time went on, and surely enough he didn’t stay unnoticed for long. it was while he was working in the canary islands, far from friends and family, that he found yaneth, the woman he is now proud to call his wife. they were separated by thousands of miles, as she was at the time living in her native country of venezuela. but you know what? that didn’t stop them. like i said, their love crossed the ocean. their love beat the odds.

fast forward a couple more years, through times of living all over spain and more recently of making the big move to england, and miguel is surely not alone anymore. a proud father of two with a glowing smile for his sons samuel and xabier. they recently visited us and while catching up on everything from love, to family, to traveling the world,  the subject somehow moved to photography and we ended up booking a family session right then and there! this was definitely a special one for me and i can only hope that it was just as special for them. getting to create some of the first family portraits for this fantastic family was both fun and a tremendous privilege. the kids and i came up with all kinds of games to keep things unpredictable and we even made their parents strut their stuff for the camera. all in all, an unforgettable experience. all i can say is, i hope it’s the first of many!














emily::: anytime


it was the end of an era. the closing of a chapter. a few weeks prior to this photo shoot emily sent me a quick message on facebook telling me that she was moving. after several years living as a “guiri” in bilbao, she was moving back to her beloved chicago. immediately i felt a rush of nostalgia, thinking of how much more we should have hung out, and we didn’t. there is definitely something about something being taken away that drives us to want to hold on to it just a little bit longer. as we were talking about meeting up for lunch or coffee, as a form of goodbye, it suddenly occurred to me that this was a time to celebrate her future and yet commemorate her past. to be happy for the opportunities to come in windy chicago and to honor her experiences in rainy bilbao. in this friendship spontaneity has always been king. as soon as i suggested the idea she jumped on board. and on came a session full of hysterical laughter, more chit-chat than photos snapped, and strolling an umbrella on a sunny day. we grabbed a quick lunch afterward and resolved that though short-lived, this had been a fantastic time together and we should try to hang out when i visit the US.


after all, if you find someone who can just as easily make you laugh in a restaurant by stick a french fry up her nose as have a serious conversation about the future. someone who shows up to a photo shoot in purple pants because “jeans are too obvious”, and whose physical response to “stand there, however feels natural” and “natural” to her translates to the captain morgan pose… then this is definitely someone worth holding  on to. 🙂


best of luck in chicago emily, you’re definitely missed!













bilbao photo walk




The sun came out and gave us a glorious day. For the past couple of weeks winter had been living up to it’s high standard of making us wonder if the earth still revolves around the sun. In case you don’t know, if you live in Bilbao one i tempted to believe that the earth revolves around a thick mass of clouds. But on this beautiful day the sun had come out to play, and so I called up my friend Daniel and we walked around for hours and took pictures of Bilbao.