sergio & esther::: engagement


we’re on the countdown… in just a couple days sergio and esther are going to be saying their i do’s, and i thought it would be the perfect time to share their engagement session. i have to say, their adorable dog “thelma” totally stole the show. you see, sometimes when you are shooting on location people will stop and watch and see what you’re doing. occasionally pulling out a phone and taking their own photo, ha! but in this case people weren’t watching me, or even them, they were staring and smiling big at thelma. definitely one of my favourite dogs ever. so after answering a million questions about how the lovely wheelchair-bound dog gets around, we were able to have a fantastic time showing off their love for each other. it was also important to sergio that we show off his love for his local soccer team, the athletic club bilbao, so we got our team spirit, went to san mamas stadium, and boasted team colors and love-filled eyes. it got dark way too soon, i could have easily spent another hour or two with this fun couple. the good news for me is that it won’t be long until they get to be in front of my lens again. i can’t wait!













anna & arthur

it was the most unusual night. never before had I found myself blissfully taking photos at midnight. let alone in a historical graveyard… yet there we were, anna, arthur, and i. 

these two, what a pair! they are both performing arts students and incredibly fun to be around. we were throwing ideas back and forth about what theme we could go with until we decided that it would be a fun challenge to try to do a halloween inspired photo shoot, complete with light painting, long exposures, and “ghosts in love.”  a bit out of my usual style? yes, but that made it all the more exciting!
we also had a good time when we saw the taxi driver’s face as he came to pick us up, past midnight, dressed in black and loaded with photography gear, to a poorly-known cemetery gate. 
i’m gonna call it: totally worth it! 


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victoria + nacho


before summer was over, before the back-to-school race began, and before the hard reality of long days at the office made its ugly comeback. before all of that craziness, there was this crazy, my favourite kind of crazy: crazy love.

i met nacho and victoria a few years back and we immediately hit it off. i even remember going to a funny zumba-like class at the gym with them on the very early days of our friendship, and finding out right after busting all of those uncoordinated moves that victoria is actually a ballerina!

ever since then i have seen these two lovebirds fight to make a long distance relationship work. it honestly makes my heart melt to see how head-over-heels they are about each other to this day, despite the 800 kilometres between them. even now, thinking about it, i can’t help but smile. young, fun, and beautiful, what’s not to love?

fast forward to this summer, and our past attempts to book a photo shoot finally bore fruit. gone were the days of the infamous schedule wars, somehow we had managed to make one date stick. i’m not gonna lie, it was a bit surprising as well as a bit nerve-wrecking . we met up downtown and filled the time between locations talking about work, love, and the things that make our hearts smile. nacho was even such a good sport that he faced his fear of heights for a photo or two. the setting was magical as we walked by the river, the guggenheim, and were covered by a gorgeous sunset that came much sooner than we were ready to say goodbye. i get a bit nostalgic thinking about it, but i simply can’t deny that when i look back on this beautiful summer photo shoot now, all i can do is smile and think to myself that much like true love, this too was worth the wait! 😉