karis + micah


did i tell you about the time i went to the pentagon? it was silly, really. i met up with my friend and amazing photographer karis marie, and we decided that we needed to do a bit of an impromptu photo session. this was just before i was flying out of the country, a bit off beat and on the run, just like me. so we headed over to the pentagon to run a super confidential errand, as normal people do, and then we hit downtown 

 washington dc, just before sunset, for some fun photos. funny thing is, i thought we were going to the capitol building, and i am infamous for having no sense of direction. after parking downtown, no small feat there, and walking a few blocks i find out that karis’ husband, micah, actually thought that i wanted to photograph the white house, during the trump administration, no less… of course not really having enough time to relocate we decided to just do our thing and take a few fun shots just before bidding farewell.








Author: adina noel

i am an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of bilbao, spain. i love spending time finding new coffee spots and traveling as much as i possibly can. i am addicted to chocolate, chick flicks, and hitting the gym daily. when i am not doing any of the above i am likely to be found playing my acoustic guitar in some random corner of the house, dropping lyrics like a bad habit. That's all you need to know for now... keep reading and learn more! ;)

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