it was covered in snow. the first time i saw victor he was covered in snow, having a snowball fight with his family, and rolling around the ground. it was during our family session a few years ago. one of the most fun sessions i’ve ever done, in part because it never snows here, and in big part because this happy family is just such a thrill to work for. they’re just nice, good, happy people. the next time i saw him he was also covered in white, but it was due to his sailor suit for his first communion… and pretty sure his mother wouldn’t have been so happy if he’d decided to roll on the ground then. snow or no snow, still just as easy to work with, and i’m still thrilled for the results. i can’t wait for his little brother to have his first communion because with his enormous personality i know we will manage to do something wild and really fun. see you soon boys!









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