looking back on this session, that was the whole point. i really love being able to work with young families and capture all the excitement of the new adventure. be it with newborns or toddlers, i really value the clients who understand the importance of stealing these memories and keep them safe for years to come. all too often i think we rely on remembering on our own or having a cell phone photo here or there. this is all great on a daily basis, i do this myself too, but i have always believed in taking the time and investing in remembering your past so it can hold it’s place in your present.

anyway, this adorable little family and i met up for a fun day of liam exploring mountains, grass, giant slides, slytherin cupcakes, and anything else the day threw our way. watching his face as he tried to bit into the frosting was way too cute but what almost killed me from cuteness overload was when he started swinging the harry potter wand around, right before he decided that chewing it was equally entertaining…

liam is two now, and a whole year has passed since we tried to convince him of the awesomeness that is harry potter, and me insisting that he’s not evil enough to belong to slytherin. it all takes me back ti my original point… looking back was the whole point. i can’t wait to work with these guys again and see what craziness we can come up with for his next session.












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