They’ve changed. It’s what people always say when they are surprised or even disappointed with someone. It’s funny how those words seem to almost have a negative connotation, but why is that? I wondered this as I saw Tania and Jonathan lost in their baby’s eyes. Susana was finally here and they would never be the same. A few weeks back we had gone to Cantabria and had their maternity session, and they were carefree and super fun. But as soon as I saw them holding Susana I saw that even though they still have that happy disposition, they aren’t carefree anymore. They are so full of love that they notice every detail, every sound, everything that is new or odd or different about their beautiful baby girl. Try are so in love with her, and I can see they are learning to love each other even more as they get used to their new selves as mommy and daddy. It goes without saying but it is an honor to be chosen to take their first few photos as a new family. And as I did I new one thing… This change was definitely for the better.










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