anna::: skatepark portraits


she’s my guinea pig. ask any photographer how they got started or who they turn to when they want to experiment with new a new concept or technique and they will all tell you the same: family. i am lucky enough to have this absolutely crazy sister who trusts me with just about anything. i was on spring break and not traveling (for a change) and i suddenly felt the urge to take my camera out for a spin. i called anna up and she was here within the hour for an evening of walking around, laughing at anything and everything, and of course… going into the woods at night and making her lie down in front of a car. like i said, she’s up for anything, and it’s definitely part of her charm. 












Author: adina noel

i am an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of bilbao, spain. i love spending time finding new coffee spots and traveling as much as i possibly can. i am addicted to chocolate, chick flicks, and hitting the gym daily. when i am not doing any of the above i am likely to be found playing my acoustic guitar in some random corner of the house, dropping lyrics like a bad habit. That's all you need to know for now... keep reading and learn more! ;)

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