she’s a knockout. yeah, i went there! i met reetta a couple weeks ago as she is the new intern. she is from finland. i am notorious for being terrible at remembering names (great at faces though!) and for a while there i thought it would be funny to just call her “finland.” about two weeks into this, and with her always responding gracefully to her new nickname, i casually found out that she practices boxing on the regular. uh-oh! so i decided then and there to make it a priority in my life to remember, and use, her beautiful-beautiful name! haha.

i also thought it was imperative to take some photos of her, her boxing gloves, and her new city as a backdrop and do some portraits that would show a fun contrast between her gorgeous features, femininity, and favourite sport! these were definitely a bit edgier than my usual photos and were really fun to do. i should also mention that and we took them against the clock as she was actually on her way to hit the boxing gym. i really like how they turned out, i hope

 you will too.











Author: adina noel

i am an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of bilbao, spain. i love spending time finding new coffee spots and traveling as much as i possibly can. i am addicted to chocolate, chick flicks, and hitting the gym daily. when i am not doing any of the above i am likely to be found playing my acoustic guitar in some random corner of the house, dropping lyrics like a bad habit. That's all you need to know for now... keep reading and learn more! ;)

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