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Olaia. How can I even begin to describe her? Her pierced septum shows off her edginess and attitude but her eyes and shy smile give away at her whole-hearted kindness. We met a while back through a makeup artist and immediately hit it off. We are both musicians so we definitely made it a point to hang out again. Sometime later we even found out that we had recorded at the same studio!

So we were both looking for an excuse to work together. Fast forward a couple months and here we are, freezing in Portugalete as a nearby storm is threatening to rain us out. We worked mostly on the Puente Vizcaya, more commonly known locally as the “Puente Colgante.”Let me stop right here and tell you that this was one of the most extreme situations under which I’ve ever shot. Not only did we have to brave the predictable wind, but the sudden fear of height that took over us as we stood on the 61m (200ft) structure and it suddenly started shaking. I think the first time we both squealed and held on to each other, hopelessly waiting for the bridge to make it’s way across the river. Granted, by the time we were done we were just laughing at it. What we didn’t laugh at though was the crazy amount of freezing rain that started pouring on us right at the end. As it turns out you have to use a small phone to call a member of the staff to come up on the elevator and escort you down. The whole time we are standing there in the rain, freezing, laughing, and hoping the elevator got there quickly. As soon as our feet hit the ground we crossed the street and had some hot coffee to get the feeling back in our fingertips. All in all a fantastic time together, some fun little stories, and photographs that made it all worth it.











































Author: adina noel

i am an international portrait and wedding photographer based out of bilbao, spain. i love spending time finding new coffee spots and traveling as much as i possibly can. i am addicted to chocolate, chick flicks, and hitting the gym daily. when i am not doing any of the above i am likely to be found playing my acoustic guitar in some random corner of the house, dropping lyrics like a bad habit. That's all you need to know for now... keep reading and learn more! ;)

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